History of Hazelnut

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

In this article, we will be discussing in general terms history of hazelnut.

Hazelnut homeland is Eastern Black Sea Region. Today, its agriculture has spread to a couple of countries.

First Time

According to the archaeological documents, the first date of hazelnut was seen in BC. reaches the eleventh years. B.C. In the Chinese resources in the third thousand; "One of the five sacred fruits that God bestowed on people ..." The history of hazelnut oil is explained in the history of Heredotus (490-425 BC). Likewise, the information that hazelnut is known in ancient Greece, Rome, Uyghurs… and used as an auxiliary ingredient in kitchens is encountered.

The First Export

Hazelnut was registered as an export commodity for the first time in international trade in 1403. On this date, the Kingdom of Spain bought a ship full of hazelnuts from Timur, then the region's ruler. Another article of the "Trade Agreement" signed between the Ottoman Empire and France in 1737 is related to the sale of hazelnuts.

History of Hazelnut in Ottoman and Turkey

European countries started to consume hazelnut after 1782 widely. From this date; Russia, Romania, Belgium, Serbia, Germany, USA from the Ottoman Empire. and exports to France started.

Hazelnuts, which were always exported as shelled until 1906, have been started to sale blanched hazelnuts since then.

At the beginning of 1900, the only hazelnut producer country in the world was the Ottoman State. In those years, especially Giresun beaches are covered with hazelnut gardens. Hazelnut cultivation has been encouraged in Ordu province since 1894.

In the Republican period, special attention was paid to hazelnut production throughout the region. In 1925, after Ordu, Giresun and Trabzon, Rize was included in the 'hazelnut production area'. In the same year, the tax rate, which is one tenth (Aşar V.), was reduced to 8%.

In 1927, it was forbidden to 'take hazelnut seedlings abroad'.

In order to support only hazelnut farming and trade, "İş Limited Şirketi" was established in 1930 and this company was terminated in 1939 when the "Hazelnut Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union (FİSKOBİRLİK) was established in 1938.

In Ankara in 1935; Birinci First National Hazelnut Congress, where the reports about the quality, standardization, processing ... of hazelnut cultivation and sale are presented and discussed. The second National Hazelnut Congress convened in Giresun in 1957 and the third in 2004, again in Giresun.

In 1940, "Black Sea Region Hazelnut Exporters' Association" was established in Giresun.

In 1965, T.C. The name of the 'hazelnut station' was translated into the 'Hazelnut Research Institute' by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and its work was accelerated. In 1983, the Law on “Planning Hazelnut Production and Limitation of Planting Areas” was enacted. In 1996, "Hazelnut Promotion Group" was established under the coordination of the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade in order to increase the promotion and consumption of hazelnuts. As of the same year, "Hazelnut Festival" started to be organized in Tirebolu on 6-7 September.


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